Salàs de Pallars

Located in the basin Conca Alta of Tremp, Salàs de Pallars is a municipality that in recent years has highlighted two outstanding assets: trade fairs and museum shops. The fair, which takes place the second weekend of November, offers a special day of Remembrance and an urban itinerary showing the small architectural footprint left during the urabn growth of the population. The museum shops are eight old shops: a pharmacy, a tobacconist, a barber shop, a haberdashery/perfume shop, a grocery store, a Printing shop, a kiosk and a café. This visit is completed with exhibitions that are annually held in the CIAC -Center of interpretation of the Old Trade- about related issues with the ancient trade.


Concert Concert Date Location
ENSEMBLE EXCLAMATIO 08-08-2022 20:00 Mare de Déu del Coll Church-Salàs de Pallars