Capital of the Ripollès region and located at the confluence of the Ter and Freser rivers, Ripoll was one of the most important towns in Catalonia during the Middle Age. The Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll, founded by Count Guifré el Pelós in 879 and called "the cradle of Catalonia" during the Renaissance, is a witness of those old times. There were many important figures that were essential in the history of the country during the X and XI centuries and some of them were Abat Oliva, Vic Bishop or Gerbert d'Orlhac ( Pope Sylvester II ). Ripoll offers the traveler many opportunities for both cultural and nature routes: Iron and coal route, the greenway from Ripoll to Sant Joan de les Abbesses, a route from Ripoll to Vallfogona or the hike to the Llaés castle, one of the most beautiful spots in the region.


Concert Concert Date Location
ORQUESTRA DE CAMBRA ILLA DE MENORCA 23-07-2022 20:00 Sant Pere Church-Ripoll