Coll de Nargó

Located in Alt Urgell region, Coll de Nargó is sprinkled with the rivers Segre, Perles and Sallent and is located near Oliana Dam. It borders Boumort mountain range on the north, whose foothills take up a major part of the municipality. Coll de Nargó gives you the opportunity to find out about ancient professions such as raiers (raftmen), who deserve a museum on their own. It also offers you some mountain spots to practise climbing, holm oak and common oak forests to go hiking, archeologic sites to see dinosaurs footprints and to discover millenary dolmens, as well as remains of Romanesque art, such as Sant Climent church (10-11th centuries), among others. Although the most inhabited town is Coll de Nargó, the municipality includes five other populated areas: Les Masies de Nargó, Gavarra, Montanissell, Sallent and Valldarques.


Concert Concert Date Location
TRIFOLIUM 14-08-2022 19:00 Sant Climent Church-Coll de Nargó