Located at the foot of the Pre-Pyrenean mountain range, Avià is characterized by an extraordinary natural environment surrounded by small hills, streams, strings, country houses and fields. Formed in the late 9th century around the church of Sant Martí, the old town of Avià still preserves a medieval atmosphere. Along the buildings such as the church of Sant Vicenç d’Obiols (10th century), the church of Santa Maria d’Avià (12th century) –where the well-known Frontal d’Avià comes from, currently preserved in the MNAC in Barcelona-, or the houses of the 17th and 18th centuries, that can still be seen at the Vell street, the visitor can chart the thread of the history in this small town of the Berguedà, where centenarian traditions and festivities are preserved.

Concert Concert Date Location
ORQUESTRA DE CAMBRA ILLA DE MENORCA 24-07-2022 19:00 Ateneu Hall-Avià