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Samuel Cattiau, voice (counter tenor and baritone) and artistic direction
Thomas Maillet, guitar
Matthieu Saglio, cello

Works by R. de Lassus, F. Durante, G. Legrenzi, J. Dowland, C. Monteverdi, F. Landini and N. Piccinni.
This musical project enlightens our artistic and cultural heritage on the basis of ancient music texts from the western repertoire that allow to explore the sound architecture of the heritage buildings, which are full of history, beauty and resonances. The programme combines profane tunes that take you to universal destinations and torments, together with sacred tunes which invite the audience to introspection, devotion and transcendence. The melodies inspired by the extension of words, by the rhythm of the prayers and by the meaning of the Italian, English, French and Sephardic texts that make up the programme allow you to experience the extraordinary relationship between music and heritage.
dolmen de molers
Guided route: Dolmen of Molers

Hour: 18.00h (Meeting point: Cal Tahona Bar)

A short trip to the Dolmen of Molers (1500 BC), one of the most emblematic megalithic monuments of the Berguedà. From there we can see the beautiful views of the Pedraforca mountain.



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16/08 · Concert + Accommodation · from 50,50€

Prices per person/night based on double room + breakfast + ticket and guided tour of the concerts that have it.

Concert Information

Concert Date 16-08-2022 20:00
Location Sant Sadurní Church-Maçaners (Saldes)
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