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Instruments to praise Saint Maria


Jota Martínez, lute, citole, bandore, guitar, mandola, hurdy gurdy, drum, voice and direction
Alba Asensi, harp, psaltery, rotta and voice
Andrés Belmonte, transverse flute, vertical flute, oblique flute, double flute, one-handed flute with drum and choir
Gloria Aleza, bowed viola, rebab, rebec and choir
Joansa Maravilla, taarija, round drum, tabla, psaltery and choir
Javier Martos, Moorish trumpet, French horn, horn and choir
Miguel Ángel Orero, carillon, bells, octagonal drum, jingle-bell bracelets, cymbals, little bells and choir
Ismael Cabero, medieval bagpipes, bagpipes, pipe, aulos (double flute) and choir

Works by Alfons X.
Saint Maria’ Cantigas, attributed to king Alphonse X and adapted to more than 400 singings dedicated to the Virgin and her miracles, represent one of the most important heritage of the Spanish medieval tradition. Ensemble Alfonsí gives us the unique opportunity to experience the melodies that would delight the Wise King, performed with more than 35 exact copies of the original instruments, which were faithfully rebuilt on basis of the miniatures that appear in the manuscripts of that masterpiece, one of the most valuable iconographic sources related to medieval instruments.
la pobla de segur
Guided visit: Casa Mauri Modernist complex

Hour: 18.00h

A set of modernist buildings which include the Oil Mill, decorated by Josep Llimona’s sculpture of Saint Joseph, and Casa Mauri, a modernist palace dated to the year 1907.



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18/08 · Concert + Accommodation · from 49€

Prices per person/night based on double room + breakfast + ticket and guided tour of the concerts that have it.

Concert Information

Concert Date 18-08-2022 20:00
Location Mare de Déu de Ribera Church-La Pobla de Segur
Attachment Programa ENSEMBLE ALFONS.pdf

Location Map

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