Puigcerdà is the historical county town of Cerdanya. It was founded by Alfons I of Catalonia and Aragon in 1178 on the Cerdà hill. Puigcerdà preserves architectonical gems that allow to draw the history of the town from its Romanesque origins (the belfry of Santa Maria, the church of Sant Tomàs or the church of Sant Julià), to the arrival of the tourism from Barcelona and the construction of the lake and the villas that surrounded it. Puigcerdà, mainly devoted to tourism, offers visitors a large number of possibilities: excursions all over the region, ski and adventure sports, guided visits in aerostatic balloons and in light aircrafts from the aerodrome of the region, craft fairs, markets, museums and a typical gastronomy, which is known everywhere.

Concert Concert Date Location
MUSICA ALCHEMICA 03-07-2022 22:00 Sant Domènec Church-Puigcerdà
ENSEMBLE EXCLAMATIO 10-08-2022 22:00 Sant Domènec Church-Puigcerdà
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