Located in the Ripollès region, Beget is one of the cores that belongs to the municipality of Camprodon, within the natural space of the Alta Garrotxa. The most outstanding building of the town is the church of Sant Cristòfol, considered a national monument. Example of Romanesque architecture (X-XIII centuries) where we find the well known Majesty of Beget, a polychromatic wood carving of the 12th century, about two metres high, which represents the image of Christ. On the other hand, the town of Camprodon sticks out for its most characteristic element, the Pont Nou (New Bridge), built at the end of the 12th century. The bridge stands on the Ter river, just after its confluence with the Ritort river, with a large arch and a small one that gives way to Sant Roc street, which gives access to the so- called Vila de Baix, developed in the medieval period and surrounded by walls. The silhouette of this bridge has become its most characteristic image. At the same time, the town of Camprodon is also known as the birthplace of the composer Isaac Albéniz (1860). His figure has become one of the emblems of the town, where the Isaac Albéniz Classical Music Festival is held every year.

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ENSEMBLE LISBOA 1740 21-08-2022 18:00 Sant Pere Monastery-Camprodon


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