Amélie-les-Bains is a municipality of Vallespir region, in French Catalonia, located at 222 metres above sea level and crossed by the river Tech and its tributary, the Mondony, characterized by amazing pools. Thanks to the properties of the thermal waters that spring up in the town, it has become a very important spa destination throughout the years which, among others, preserves some remains of the ancient Romanesque baths from the second century. The village hosts 22 springs of thermal waters that come out at 36-61 degrees and are very famous for curing rheumatic and respiratory diseases. Palaldà was added to the municipality in 1942. Its main part is a village structured around Sant Martí parish church and the old castle, of which significant remains are still preserved.


Concert Concert Date Location
MUSICA ALCHEMICA 02-07-2022 17:00 Chapelle des Armées - Palaldà
KALLIAS ENSEMBLE 31-07-2022 21:00 Sant Quintí Church-Els Banys d'Arles
EXIT ENSEMBLE 05-08-2022 17:00 Sant Quintí Church-Els Banys d'Arles
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