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Marta Heras, soprano
Elena Ruiz Ortega, alto
Alberto Palacios, tenor
Jorge Apodaca, baritone
Ander Tellería, mesotonic accordion

Works by T. L. de Victoria, A. de Cabezón, P. de Escobar, J. de Anchieta, J. Cabanilles and anonymous.
Maternity is a central aspect of the human condition, not only as a biological fact, but essentially as an element that connects us with the mystery of life and that joins all the humans together, today and yesterday, around a temporal thread that makes us all equals: we all come from a mother’s belly. Maternity gives birth to an embodied consciousness. In spiritual traditions, the figure of the mother goddess is an archetypical element that has been present since prehistoric times. In our western culture, Maria, Jesus’s mother, embodies this symbolic corpus. Mater is a programme that pays tribute to all the mothers, whether in the past, at present or in the future.
palau de nogueraActivity: Demonstration of Counterpoint Dance
Hour: 19.00h (Location: Plaça de la font – Fountain Square)

Counterpoint dance has a great anthropological and traditional value. Apart from its old age, its importance lies in the fact that it has been danced uninterruptedly until this day. The recreation is exclusively offered for the concert attendees.

Concert Information

Concert Date 10-07-2022 20:00
Location Sant Joan Church-Palau de Noguera (Tremp)
Attachment Programa Tetraphilla Ensemble.pdf

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