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Adolfo Osta i Adriana Alcaide -
©Juan Miguel Morales

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Sarabande. Court and street music


Adolfo Osta, voice and guitar
Adriana Alcaide, baroque violin

Works by N. Matteis, H. I. F. Biber. J. S. Bach and anonymous artists.
Adolfo Osta and Adriana Alcaide offer a programme that removes the limits between cult music and traditional music, between manuscripts and oral tradition, between the personal and external elements, between court music and street music. A mix of troubadours, Occitan, traditional Catalan and Sephardic songs as well as ballads merge with the most sublime musical pieces of composers such as J.S. Bach and H.I.F. von Biber, from the Red Book of Montserrat and the Cancionero Musical de Palacio. Sarabanda. Música a les corts i als carrers offers you an opportunity to travel in time and discover a host of wonderful works from different origins, cultures and languages that will go straight to your hearts through their universal and eternal means of expression.

  *ATENTION: Vehicle access to Pedret area is restricted. It will make parking extremely easier as follows:

- Only those with the purchased entry will be able to access it.

- After the Guillem de Berguedà Institute, even if there are signs of prohibiting passage, you must enter to the fence (next to the entrance to the dump).

- At this point there will be a control where the entry will be shown and the passage to the parking area allowed.

- Then the road will be done on foot to Sant Quirze
For those attending the tour, this control will be open only between 16.45 and 17.

For those directly attending the concert, this control will be open exclusively between 18:00 and 18:30. Outside these schedules you can only access them on foot. Accessing outside these schedules by vehicle will mean that the municipal police will be able to fine for accessing a prohibited passageway site or for parking in a place that cannot be made. Access has an exceptional character and therefore the timetables must be respected.

  pedretGuided tour: Sant Quirze de Pedret

Hour: 17.30h

Sant Quirze de Pedret is a masterpiece of the Catalan pre-Romanesque architecture. It preserves part of the wonderful artistic ensemble of Romanesque murals.

Concert Information

Concert Date 03-08-2023 19:00
Location BERGA · Sant Quirze de Pedret Church
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