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Adolfo Osta i Adriana Alcaide -
©Juan Miguel Morales

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Sarabande. Court and street music


Adolfo Osta, voice and guitar
Adriana Alcaide, baroque violin

Works by N. Matteis, H. I. F. Biber. J. S. Bach and anonymous artists.
Adolfo Osta and Adriana Alcaide offer a programme that removes the limits between cult music and traditional music, between manuscripts and oral tradition, between the personal and external elements, between court music and street music. A mix of troubadours, Occitan, traditional Catalan and Sephardic songs as well as ballads merge with the most sublime musical pieces of composers such as J.S. Bach and H.I.F. von Biber, from the Red Book of Montserrat and the Cancionero Musical de Palacio. Sarabanda. Música a les corts i als carrers offers you an opportunity to travel in time and discover a host of wonderful works from different origins, cultures and languages that will go straight to your hearts through their universal and eternal means of expression.
  Free visit: Niu d’Àliga (Alp-Bagà).

Located at 2,537 metres above sea level, on the top of Tossa d’Alp, the Niu de l’Àliga refuge is a breathtaking balcony that allows you to admire Central Pyrenees.


  *Attention! The climb to the summit will be by cable car. Telecabine IS NOT included in the ticket price. It will have to pass through La Molina's box office until 18:15 where the forfait will have to be purchased. The 9h cable car is accessible. At 18:30 and the drop will be at 20:30. IT IS ESSENTIAL TO WEAR COAT CLOTHES. Telecabine fees are:
 Adult: 11€
 Child: (4 to 11 years old): 5,50€
 Minor: (0 to 3 years old): 0€
 Veteran: (from 65 years old): 9€



The summit of La Tosa, at 2,536 meters above sea level, is also named Pedró dels Quatre Batlles because the municipal terms of Bagà, Alp, Das and Urús meet. Since ancient times, these populations have taken advantage of and shared the resources offered by the mountain in the form of pastures, forests and mining. Today is no different. Skiing and winter sports represent a new way of harnessing the environment and making the local economy more dynamic.
Using precisely the infrastructure of skiing, we propose to you a concert in the unmatched framework of the Aliga nest shelter at the top of the Tosa. The collaboration between the municipalities ofAlp, Bagà, and the company Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat, which manages the mountain station of La Molina, has enabled this activity to be carried out.
The climb to the summit will be made with the telecabina La Molina, which saves a height of 685 metres. At the summit of La Tosa you can enjoy extraordinary views on the surrounding massifs of Puigmal and Cadí, as well as the counties of Cerdanya, Berguedà and Central Catalonia.

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02/08 · Concert + Accommodation · from 65,70€

Prices per person/night based on double room + breakfast + ticket and guided tour of the concerts that have it.

Concert Information

Concert Date 02-08-2023 19:00
Location ALP-BAGÀ · Niu de l’Àliga Retreat
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