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La Bellezza



Pável Amílcar, violin
Andy Ackerman, violone
Ramiro Morales, archlute
Andrea Buccarella, clave
Lina Tur Bonet, violin and direction

Works by G. P. Cima, D. Castello, B. Marini, A. Falconiero, J. H. Schmelzer, M. Uccellini, J. P. Von Westhoff and H. Biber.
La Bellezza includes different works from stylus fantasticus (early Baroque) and sonatas by one of the greatest violin virtuoso who consolidated its role as soloist instrument: Bohemian H.I.F. von Biber. A collection of what could be “the most beautiful music ever written”, which mixes Folías, Passacaglie and Ciaccone together with other “Bizarreries” and works aimed at amazing and captivating the listener through their symbolisms and sonorities. Imitations of other instruments, scordature of violins that have been differently tuned, madness in form of nearly Dionysian music and celestial passacaglie. A genuine exuberance of sounds for the senses that belong to a time that mainly longed to move the soul and express human passions very intensely through the “Music of the Spheres”.
  palaldaGuided tour included: Legends about water in Palaldà

Hour: 9.00h (Meeting point: Romanesque columns)

Strolling through Palaldà will allow you to discover some legends about water women, fairies and fantastic beings as well as tales related to ponds, washing places and fountains. You will visit the ancient castle of the counts, the museum, the Interpretation Centre of Historical and Popular Memory, and the Craftwork Exhibition Centre.



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02/07 · Concert + Accommodation · from 49,50€

Prices per person/night based on double room + breakfast + ticket and guided tour of the concerts that have it.

Concert Information

Concert Date 02-07-2022 17:00
Location Chapelle des Armées - Palaldà
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