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Missa hispànica


Sónsoles Espinosa, Quiteria Muñoz i Marisol Boullosa, sopranos
Ana Olaso,mezzosoprano
Jorge Morata, tenor
Jose M. Bustamante, baritone
Iosu Yeregui, bass
David Gálvez, organ and direction
Manuel Maestro, dramaturgy and scenic proposal

Works by T. L. de Victoria, J. Vázquez, C. de Morales, A. Lobo and F. Guerrero.
The crowded masses that used to be given in the Iberian Peninsula in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries were much more than religious celebrations; they were real social events in which the most relevant subjects of society, politics and culture were discussed and debated. They used to be very sumptuous performances, too, especially the services of kings’ funeral rites. The programme stages a kind of funeral ceremonies from the 16th century. The repertoire is structured like a solemn funeral mass and based on major works of the most relevant authors of that period.



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17/07 · Concert + Accommodation · from 50,50€

Prices per person/night based on double room + breakfast + ticket and guided tour of the concerts that have it.

Concert Information

Concert Date 17-07-2022 21:00
Location Sant Joan Church-Berga
Attachment Programa ARTEAN ENSEMBLE.pdf

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