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J. S. Bach’s religious music: Cantatas


Marta Aguiló, Josefa Laurentina Donoso, Kika Riera and Marga Roca, sopranos
Mª Antònia Santandreu, Barbara Pallicer and Pilar Morey, altos
Gerard Abril, Toni Salva and Daniel Ruiz, tenors
Pep Alarcón, Joan Seguí and Antoni Serra , bass
Bruno Lucas, Àlvar Renard and Clàudia Margalida Sánchez, oboe
Catalina Sureda and Carlota Coll, violins
Fernando Villegas, viola
Oriol Palau, cello
Miquel Ferrà, contrebasse
Jaime Serra, organ
Irene Mas, soprano
Joan Miquel Muñoz, basse
Fernando Marina, direction

Works by J. S. Bach.
In 1517, Martin Luther put his ninety-five theses on Wittenberg Church’s door, which meant the beginning of a schism among the catholic church that would change the world: the Lutheran Reformation. Consequently, a new repertoire for protestant liturgy based on choir developed throughout the following centuries. Although all the German composers somehow worked on the Lutheran religious music, J. S. Bach undoubtedly praised it to the skies thanks to his five annual series of cantatas, the prayers and the two passions that we have been enjoying to this day. The programme intends to discover the meaning of the music that is inherent to Lutheran liturgy and to highlight the importance of cantatas in his work.
pesillaGuided tour: Old Town and Santes Hòsties Church
Hour: 17:00 (Meeting point: Ramon Llull Media Library)

Pesillà de la Ribera is a village steeped in history, with an old town that remains intact with the passage of time and Santes Hòsties Church with its curiosities.



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10/07 · Concert + Accommodation · from 53,40€

Prices per person/night based on double room + breakfast + ticket and guided tour of the concerts that have it.

Concert Information

Concert Date 10-07-2022 19:00
Location Santes Hòsties Church-Pesillà de la Ribera
Attachment Programa Acadmia 1830.pdf

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