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Located in El Solsonès, Castellar de la Ribera has a dispersed population; something typical in this region. The majority of the municipality is located in the valley of La Ribera Salada. Such municipality shows a great archaeological and architectural potential. The first evidences date from the Neolithic period, from which several dolmens stand out and, among those, the necropolis of Ceuró. We can also find a large amount of Romanesque and modern churches, such as Sant Andreu de Clarà (from the 12th century) or Sant Pere de Castellar (from the 13th century). Another item that must be emphasised is El Molí de Querol (a mill from the 11th century), not to forget the Museum of L’Escola Rural, a school that had been in operation from 1926 until 1974. Aside from its rich historic and prehistoric heritage, the village boasts a large area with a great number of fountains. This makes it a perfect place to go on excursions, whether it is walking or biking, while enjoying the refreshing Ribera Salada.
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